27:06.899N 80:08.620W Peck Lake

Tue 1 May 2018 13:52
Having spent an entire afternoon at the CBP office to get our cruising permit, we left Palm Beach the following day and started the long, slow plod up the ICW. Thankfully, as it was a weekday and no national holidays that we knew of, there was relatively little traffic on the water and no stampedes at any of the timed bridge openings. This part of the trip was always going to be boring so I will spare you all the dull details, we did try and aim for some nicer anchorages on the way back to make things more interesting but to be honest, nothing short of a win on the lottery was going to raise even an eyebrow.
Stopped at a place called Peck Lake, we were dicing with death here as we'd stopped at this anchorage on the way out in February and got mauled by noseeums during the night. it was so bad that at 4am in the morning we had to leave! But, as we like to live life on the edge we thought we'd give it another go. Pretty anchorage and a 2 minute dinghy ride to the shore where the Atlantic is on the other side, nice deserted beach and this time, no noseeums!
Great. Another beach!
Not our dinghy, but it is a nice shot of the palm tree.