25:41.27N 79:17.53W Nixons Bay

Fri 2 Mar 2018 17:06
Our first proper anchorage in the Bahamas, quite nice, water not as blue here but very clear. Our first dip in the water was somewhat ruined, as we were about to jump in there was a shout "hammer time!" from a dive boat a few hundred yards behind us. I thought this was some reference to a naff 80's pop star wearing voluminous trousers but it became clear that they were possibly talking about a hammerhead shark? I postponed my swim. Ric and Monica would not be denied so went in anyway. Brave souls.
We stayed here a couple of nights, took the ferry over to the north island and visited the famous Alice Town. Very Bahamian but not much to write home about, the rum was reasonably priced though. Found a great liquor store called Booze and Screws, apparently screws were discontinued several years ago so now there's more room for booze. On the 4th March we went back to the marina to drop off Ric and Monica who had to fly back to Georgia. It hadn't been the relaxing trip we'd wanted for them, but hopefully it gave them a little respite from the rigors of the boatyard and their own boat project. I don't think either of us would put Bimini on our 'must see' list but it was the closest island to cross over to from Miami and a good starting point. The boat seemed very empty when they'd left.
Brave Ric, beer in hand, but with a safety rope just in case
Alice Town, or part of it.
Richard having a go at trolling. No fish.
Monica checking the anchor. No sharks.
Not sure what this was supposed to be. Think it might have once been a church, you can't see it clearly but there was some weird sculpture in the front made out of anything shiny that whoever made it could lay their hands on.