27:45.577N 80:24.922W Indian River Shores

Fri 23 Feb 2018 17:04
Spent today inside on the ICW, as the wind was forever hampering our progress at sea it made no real difference whether we went out or continued inside. The scenery was pleasant enough and the sun was out so we plodded on. Went past Cape Canaveral (no pictures, it was too far away), navigated a small canal where we had to play 'dodge the manatee' and then carried on into the night. After much debate we all agreed that we would do an overnight passage to try and get us a bit ahead of the game. We decided on 3 hour shifts, Ric and Monica took first watch till 11pm whilst Richard and I had a nap and would take over till 2am. Never got to our shift, navigating the ICW at night, although not impossible, is not recommended. Most channel markers were not lit so they had to use a search light to spot them in the dark. Not ideal. After 3 hours of doing this Ric quite rightly decided it was not worth the stress so we headed for the nearest anchorage at Indian River Shores and finally hit the sack at midnight. Double rations of rum for Ric that night.
No idea where this was taken, sunset somewhere. Just a gratuitous shot for the blog entry.