29:53.13N 81:17.02W St Augustine

Tue 20 Feb 2018 16:58
Left Cumberland Island at 5am to head south.  After clearing St Mary's Inlet we turned south and found (no surprise) that the wind was hard on the nose.  So we motored into choppy seas until we decided to duck inside at Mayport. 
Have to report in the interest of honesty that both of us were very ill.  Can only attribute this to the stress we had been under for a couple of weeks prior to our launch and having strict deadlines to meet for the boat to be out of US waters and return flights for our friends Ric and Monica in Bimini.  Since that very unpleasant morning neither of us has suffered at all.  Gill has a cast iron stomach and was back to fry-ups for breakfast and I have my Relief Band, Google it if you are interested, they are great for anybody afflicted by sea sickness, also very good for morning sickness but I can't confirm that fact.
So we continued south on the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway), bit like the Norfolk Broads but a bit more up-market. Very dull but after the morning we'd had a necessary diversion. At this point we'd like to thank Ric for looking after us all whilst we had our heads in various buckets. Eventually ended up anchoring in St Augustine for the night, fairly uneventful apart from Gill waking up at midnight to find that the view outside had changed slightly due to our anchor having dragged! Got caught up in a mooring buoy which was a stroke of luck otherwise god knows where we'd have floated off to. We now have a great little app that sets an alarm on the anchor, if we move outside a certain range we are woken up by police sirens. Very effective but for the first couple of times it went off Gill actually thought the police were outside. Decided to spend the next day and another night there to recoup, got the dinghy out for its first bath and went ashore to stretch the legs. Gill decided that it would be a good idea to climb to the top of the lighthouse where we were anchored to get a shot of TnT (Time & Tide from here on in), foolish decision as it involved 270 odd steps for what were very unfit legs. The resulting picture really wasn't worth the burning calves and bursting lungs, see if you can spot the boat.
Ric and Monica wont thank us for this one, outboard cut out and we'd neglected to put the oars in before they took off! Our bad. Good exercise though? 
Set off the next morning and headed back out to the Atlantic, everything crossed for a better day than we'd had previously.