26:31.078N 78:37.868W O'Keirnan's Law strikes Grand Bahama

Thu 15 Mar 2018 18:31
Gill is in charge of blog entries but I wanted to let you know that we are currently experiencing O'Keirnans Law.  For those of you not familiar I will explain.  Murphys law as we all know states that 'everything that can go wrong will', O'Keirnan's law simply states that 'Murphy was an optimist'.  I will let the blogger in the family tell all.
I don't get it? Anyway, here we are....still. A week later and we are still anchored in a very non picturesque spot on account of Richard having another bout of kidney stones! They reared their ugly calcium heads literally the first night we got here. He'd been feeling rough for a couple of weeks but put it down to stress and dehydration. As the familiar pain got worse we decided to stay put and go see a doc here, luckily there are 2 very good medical centers as well as a hospital here on the island. Couldn't believe how quickly we got seen and the level of service and care we received even though we weren't residents. Have to say, never experienced service like that at home, and everyone here is just so bloody happy! Loving the Bahamian people.
To cut a long story short, with stones, an infection and a bonus hernia that we knew nothing about, Richard needs to stay put for now until all of the above have passed, cleared and popped back in! There is obviously a big question mark over whether we should continue or just turn back but we are reserving judgment till we see the urologist tomorrow, we'll make a decision after we have all the facts. Never rains but pours, eh? We are both obviously gutted, after spending so long working hard towards getting the boat in the water, now this. But what can you do? It is what it is and we should be thankful that we are here and not in some remote part of the Bahamas where we had no direct access to medical care. This place is really not where we wanted to be but its the safest place for now. You can only plan for so much, guaranteed something will jump up and bite you in the arse when you least expect it.
On the plus side, I have managed to read a whole book in one week! A first for me, last book I started i was still reading 6 months later.....never finished it. Our freezer is full, I have beer (Richard is on boiled water poor sod) the sun is out, I can think of worse places to be while recovering from kidney stones.
Not very many pictures I can show of Grand Bahama, just looks like Miami to me on a smaller scale, but here's a picture of richards x-ray just for fun.
Looks like a snow globe. We counted about 20 stones.