26:44.204N 80:02.829W Not quite the Abacos...

Mon 30 Apr 2018 21:54
....nowhere near it to be precise, the trip to the Abacos had to be aborted sadly and we are now back amongst the hideousness that is the ICW......again!
Having flown back to Grand Bahama and rejoined the boat, we spent a further week at the marina until Richard was absolutely sure he felt OK. So lots of walking and sessions in the gym where we discovered that a lifelong 20 a day smoker was fitter than I thought, couldn't get his heart rate above 100 however much I tried, actually I think it just just confirms what I have always suspected that he is just a heartless bastard!!! We wont talk about my physical fitness, but suffice to say i will be back in the gym as soon as I get back to the UK!!
We left the marina last Tuesday and took the boat out for a day sail but it was obvious Richard wasn't as well recovered as he thought. After much debate we didn't feel it was worth the risk or the hassle of trying to get to and from the Abacos in time to get the boat back to Georgia before flying home, he just wasn't fit enough, too many pains and twangs in the nether region. So we decided to pick the first good weather window and head back to the States, left at 5am this morning and have just arrived in West Palm Beach 11 hours later. And here we are, surrounded by idiots who can't or refuse to read the signs that say 'Slow. No wake. Manatee Zone', being thrown around at anchor worse than we were at sea! Unfortunately we have to wait here till we check in with customs and immigration , all being well and they don't find a reason to throw us out of the country, we will take a steady plod back up to St Marys in Georgia in time to get hauled around the 25th May. Actually we are anchored a few miles from Donald's residence so if any of you have goodwill messages or the like for the President we can drop them off in person.
We are both naturally disappointed we didn't get very far this season, but sometimes shit happens and you just have to say 'well, there's always next year!' We've spent a lot more time on the boat and gotten to know a lot more about it, what works and what doesn't. Overall she did brilliantly, it's just the crew that suffered mechanical failure and needed to be repaired!  Most pleasing of all we love living on our boat regardless of the view and in close proximity 24/7 we rub along quite well even if he is the most wretchedly untidy individual imaginable.
Still the heartless bastard does have his uses though and I feel confident that he could fix anything given some BluTak and a  ball of wet string.
That's all for now folks as I feel I need to throw up due to the excessive boat wake we're experiencing. Here are a few pics from our last few spots in Grand Bahama, including a totally deserted marina development near West End that went belly-up 10 years ago. Apart from a pack of wild dogs, we were the only people there! Bliss.
An obligatory 'coconut on the beach' shot.
Fishing, before you ask, not peeing!
Leaving Grand Bahama at 5am with a lovely full moon.
Sunrise at 6am. Then 10 hours of boredom crossing the Gulf Stream and dodging container ships.