Friday 13th Dec

Darrell Jackson and Sarah Barnes
Fri 13 Dec 2013 22:49
17:18.63N 56:58.87W
Despite the date, our steady progress continues and despite what I said yesterday about the winds moderating last night, they didn't!
Quent had gusts of over 30 knots during his watch form 03.00 - 06.00 which necessitated rapid furling of half the genoa as we were sailing with the twin headsails, but no problems. During the watch before, Pete extended his record for downhill sailing speeds and this now stands at 14.5 knots (bonus points for doing it in the dark as well)
We've made good progress (195.6 nm 24hr run) with the continuing easterly winds, and after last night have taken the precaution of dropping the large North jib and are sailing with poled out genoa tonight, but still making 6.5 knots. If the winds hold up this still puts us on schedule to arrive in English Harbour on Sunday morning if we fly the twin headsails all tomorrow. If the winds hold up!
Our meals continue at the high standard they have been all the voyage and tomorrows looks like being "something special" as we attempt to finish the bits and pieces of fresh food we have found tucked away in unlikely places. What would you do with: 2 oranges, 3 lemons, some potatoes, some onions, a sweet potato (large) and a gourd? We are formulating plans, which may not use everything, but we'll have a go and a report will follow.
We have seen no yachts, no ships, no dolphins or whales, just the odd shearwater and the now ubiquitous flying fishes launching themselves out of the water for much of the time, some obviously colliding with Stream by the scales we find on deck, but no more stranded ones have been found. 
Next update hopefully from Antigua