Quick update on life on Stream

Darrell Jackson and Sarah Barnes
Wed 11 Dec 2013 14:21
18:01.12N 49:50.00W
We continue to make excellent progress now that we have some "proper "Trade Winds. I know we shouldn't complain, but just a little less strong would be ideal! For the past couple of days the winds have gradually gone round from North West to East/ENE and have been blowing at between 20 and 25 knots (Force 5-6) with the odd much stronger gust to keep us on our toes. In practice, what this means for us is that we now have a big following sea with the Atlantic swell thrown in to complicate matters. Stream's movement is very tiring as you have to hold on all the time for fear of being thrown around the saloon or cockpit and simple tasks like cooking (or even having a pee!) become major operations. Ask Adam when you next see him about the pea incident (that's pea with an 'a'). It's amazing where they're still turning up!
As per our safety protocol, the helm is always secured by a safety line and trips to the foredeck require them as well. Yesterday we were broad reaching under a triple reefed main and a small furl in the genoa. Today the wind is dead astern and we have dispensed with the main and are running twin headsails with the furling genoa poled out. Speed is still well over 7 knots and our 24hr runs have been 199.8 nm yesterday and 188.2 nm today. Antigua is finally looking a bit closer. In fact it is 682.9 nm as I write.
On the fresh food front, we recently discovered some peppers, oranges and courgettes that were all still very useable (once we had dispensed with the two green "pom-poms" in with the oranges) The last of the red cabbage is in our potato salad that we are having for lunch.
The big time change came and went without incident, so we are now 3hrs "behind" GB and the sun rises and sets at much more sensible times for this time of year.
We understand you've been "having a bit of weather" at home, so for a closing thought, the weather here: clear blue skies, temp 32 degrees in the saloon and 29.6 in the water, though with the speed of the boat, swimming is not on the list of recreational activities today.
All well and enjoying Trade Wind sailing.