57:51N 03:50W - somewhere off the NE coast

Madeleine and Martin
Wed 23 May 2012 20:06
Two days of fettling, footling and fossicking about in the sunshine mean we are a day behind schedule. We finally dragged ourselves away from the calm of the Sea Port basin and made our morning appointment with the Clachnaharry Lock and rail swing bridge. Waited three hours for the tide to rise over the mud flats that surround the Clachnaharry Sea Lock on all sides. Received a personal delivery of the “The Press and Journal” daily newspaper courtesy of the Clachnaharry Works Lock Master – “have my copy; did you know youse was famous?” Page 16 no less with a photo of him and her on the boat!  Out through the sea lock to escape the autograph hunters, under the road bridge and away up the Moray Firth to an anchorage somewhere on the Scottish Coast. Tomorrow onwards to Kirkwall and Orcadia.