28:01.182N 016:36.772W Marina San Miguel, Tenerife

Madeleine and Martin
Tue 9 Oct 2012 18:38

So leaving The African Queen astern, where it belonged, in Martin’s fevered – and muddled – memory. . . At 0340 (UTC) on Sunday 7th, what I at first took for a ship displaying unorthodox lights turned out to be the lights of the lighthouse on Punta De Anaga, Northern tip of . . . Tenerife!! Wey hey! And at 1515 same day after a gentle downwind run we docked in Marina San Miguel. 1600 miles in ten days and a few hours  - not bad! Cue rather stiffish drink, rather early night and rather lengthy sleep – about ten hours.

Monday was washing day all over the Marina. Other boats hung out, say, three bikinis, two posing pouches, the odd thong and maybe a pair of threadbare shorts. The Foreman Barco was festooned with thermal long johns, fleece sweaters, corduroy slacks and many a pair of thick woolly socks. We could read the thoughts of passing yotties; “poor things, they’re English!”

Now for two weeks or so at home to catch up with Family, Friends and Real Life.