Miami morning

Fri 19 Feb 2010 15:23
A cool morning (by Florida standards) -- 56 degrees and breezy. But now the sun has come out, the wind has dropped, and we're warming up.

As we finished breakfast, a dolphin swam by the boat about 20 yards away, its back and dorsal fin arching up out of the water as it dove and fed. It spent about 5 minutes in our neighborhood before swimming off.

Today we'll have a few visitors back at the launch ramp, and in the afternoon we'll position the boat at the southern tip of Key Biscayne, ready for a convenient departure tomorrow morning.

Isabel is reading a book for school, and Rosie is drawing the dolphin in her notebook of drawing paper given to her by Miss Royal.

We're adjusting to the close quarters of life on the boat. Little things like sitting on the companion way steps, or in the center aisle inside the cabin, can block the passage of someone else, so we're constantly aware of each other's movements and making way as necessary. It becomes an elaborate dance sometimes, especially when we're cooking out in the cockpit and the camp stove is going and dishes and cups are on benches. . . .

The Gulf Stream forecast for tomorrow is "waves under 2 feet." Sounds good!

We're very happy to be here, and excited for the adventure ahead.