Position Tuesday 10th Nov

Scarlet Ribbon
Rob & Maree Northcoat
Mon 9 Nov 2015 15:16
34:20:923 S  128:12:070 E
We finally made it over the SA / WA border, transiting 129:00:000 E just after 4.00 pm today.
Still on SA time on board  as someone is likely to be disadvantaged if we  change clocks whilst on our current  watch  roster. Namely us... having to go back... 2 hrs. 30 min.
Wind and seas are down due to this High entering the Bight, so we are sailing on our wind vane setting and having a pretty comfortable ride.
Bryce and Tim saw a pod of Pilot whales just cruising, not interested in us.
Amazing wildlife out here.
On the Big Game Fishing stakes / fish score its five strikes, two lures and no fish.
The fish and the guy at BCF are in front by a mile.
We should be into Daw Island Thursday morning.  just wasting a bit of time now to arrive in the early daylight hours.
Everyone has a bit of a list on what to do , eat and drink, shower etc. when we do get there.
Been a good crossing so far with a great and very knowledgeable crew.
Will check in again Wednesday.
Maree and Rob