Position 11th Nov

Scarlet Ribbon
Rob & Maree Northcoat
Wed 11 Nov 2015 18:52
34:08:684 S  126:14:350 E
104 nm to Daw Island.
The wind has died, waiting for the breeze to freshen from the North West.
Currently 7 knots, so we are motoring to keep up .
The High in the Bight is the cause of all this nice weather, sunshine and flat brilliantly blue seas.
Well the fish count has gone up, this time we finally landed one, thanks to Bryce's angling skills.
A very nice tuna on the BBQ tonight.
Thinking that we may spend a day at Daw before moving in towards Esperance.
Should be in at Bandy Creek Saturday at this rate.
All for now...
Maree and Rob and Crew