24:44.864N 58:03.853W

Sun 6 May 2018 17:51

Hi All


I hope all is well with everyone


All good here


Time 1830 BST Sun 6/5/18


Days 5 & 6 – sailing along a 45 degree magnetic course, closed hauled, 2-3 m swell, bumpy but good sailing. All eating well.

The Hydrovane has now been steering without any adjustment for 48hrs. No3 Jib 1/3 reefed Main halfway along boom. Speed limited to 5 Knots because of sea state

Our weather router is sending forecasts every 2 days and the sat phone has been receiving them well. (I’m tempting fate with that comment but it has been good)

He is forecasting a slight reduction in wind strength for Thursday


We have cooked all the fresh meat now and put into containers in the fridge. Should last for the next 4 days.

We have had 1 bread bake and a lemon and lime sponge which is on the go now.


We won’t put the fishing lines out until we have eaten all the fresh meat


Jan – thanks for the messages on messaging .iridium



Best regards


3Js and P