33:46.291N 51:16.344W

Fri 11 May 2018 21:06

Hi All


I hope all is well with everyone


All good here


Time 2215 BST Friday 11/5/18


Day 9 – sailing along a 45 degree magnetic course, closed hauled


Day 10 – changed No 3 Jib for the old No1 at 1700. During the night the wind veered and we held a close hauled course of 85 deg M through the night


Day 11 – At 1100 the wind veered again and we freed off and held the 85 deg M course. We had been on a close hauled starboard tack for 8.5 days and the Hydrovane had steered the whole time.


Our weather router is still sending forecasts every 2 days and the sat phone has been receiving them well. Good forecast for the next 4 days


Grib downloads working well for our own forecasts


Jackie, Mike, Jan, Valerie and Carol  – thanks for the messages on messaging .iridium


Sun sights are going well.


We are now 1155Nm (Nautical Miles) from Antigua and we have  1134 Nm to go to Horta in the Azores

It’s nice to get to halfway.


Best regards


3Js and P