Passage Cape Verde to Martinique 14:27.772n 057:46.570w

Sat 9 Dec 2017 14:02

All going well

We are 1900 mls West of Cape Verde and we have 183 mls to go to Martinique

About a day to go if the wind holds


We had a bit of squally weather Thurs night Fri morning 38 kn and a confused swell, which caused a lot of movement and not much sleep

Last night and today weather went back to the norm   20 kn  sunny skies

After seeing no boats close up for 1700Nm we now have 2 within a ml. Flying along at 8kn + under white sails in 25 kns of wind

Gareth on the wheel

Our shower bucket was lost over the side so we are now using Patsi’s bucket to shower. Pain of death if we lose that

The boys haven’t fished since the last big tuna. I don’t think they can face tuna for a few days. We had 16 large meals out of it and there was still plenty left

Last night John was standing in the hatchway and a flying fish flew straight into the hood part of his hoodie. He said it was a funny feeling having a fish flapping away against his cheek in the dark


Mike said that the marina at Marin was full but we are just going to turn up and anchor.

We’ll clear in and see how the land lies


Best regards to all