37:17.3N 36:05.4W

Thu 17 May 2018 23:44

Hi All


I hope all is well with everyone


Johny Mac’s blog today


Hello and greetings from JR and motley crew. Starting to see more life now as we get closer to the Azores, ie lots of dolphins playing around the boat and more ships every day.

Less wind at the moment, clear nights with lots of stars and getting cooler and next to no rain.

Running out of fresh food now (for those of us that don’t like fish)and going onto tins but making fresh bread and cakes

Had carbonara tonight

The potatoes have grown legs and abandoned ship along with their smelly egg friends. Johny Mac has not had a trim up for 6 weeks so has decided to grow a pony tail to go with his sandles and socks



All is going well

We have managed a full set of 7 stars plus Venus, Jupiter and the moon for the last 2 nights.


We are planning to call at Horta for our first stop


Best regards


3Js and P