Update from Lake Atlantic

Hanse 540
Mon 30 May 2011 14:55
39.00.90 N 33.15.11 W
no wind in sight. we are now caught in the middle of the azores high and it seems to be moving with us.
Fuel is down to 13% left with 212 miles to go, the figures don't quite add up.
We are about to use the first extra diesel jerrycan secretly stashed in the garage.
John and I keeping busy, we started to work on the do list that is waiting for us once we reach destination.
we have come across a few yachts that chose not to motor and had a chit chat on the VHF and hand waiving.
The event of yesterday beside the constant visits from dolphins was a whale that probably decided to check us out. As we were reading our respective books this giant thing poped up from nowhere on starboard swimming parallel to us at a distance of about 25-30 m it was huge.....  that got us on our feet quickly. It gradually swam away but we had time to grab a picture although it is hard to guess where it is going to pop up next.
This morning we ran into a sea turtle, bumped it out of the way and it was most displeased that it had to swim out of our wake, it seems it needed a few more swimming lessons anyway.
it looks like we are going to be caught up by some wind later today or in the night but we have now learned to be cautious with the forecast as the azores high seems to be doing what it likes when it likes with no respect for the hard work the met office people are putting in.......
until next time