Re: Wed midnigt bst

Hanse 540
Tue 10 May 2011 23:44
18.57.70N 62.23.75 W

Early this morning (on Malccolm's watch) we ran into fishing nets and becames stuck with them rapped around the propeller.

We cut the main ropes but remained stuck with no engine, We waited until light and then Laurent dived in 10 times to cut free the nets. Finally we were on outr way , only to discover a steering problem, We had to rig the emergency steerring whilst we dismantled the system, fianlly getting it back together.

All in all we wasted 6 hours just drifting.

Its just gone dark and we had salad and chicken with rice for dinner.

Tried fishing today with no joy.

Engine been on all day as no wind, expecting good wind in next 24 hours.