Day 5 and flying,

Hanse 540
Thu 25 Nov 2010 13:35
Spent the day drifting yesterday, Tony went under the boat because wehad a vibration, he found 4 huge barnicles with black and white stripes, but we couldnt get them off ( excuse) Last night some wind  finally arrived, a big relief just to move at 2 knots, now we have been sailing for 16 hours at 8 ish knots with the new code 0 sail, fantastic.
Tony has written some software so now we  almost know where all the other boats are on google maps, why have all the boats gone west ?
We are in cruising divsion ! so we are planning to vist the Verde Islands, either south or through the middle !. The weather is not as expected so we are taking a gamble and going down to 15 deg before going west.  (my decison if right else a collective one )
Still no fish caught !
its getiing hotter, better than UK I hear !!
boat has slowed now
best John