Monday Noon

Hanse 540
Mon 6 Dec 2010 13:41
13.27.77N  38.55.54W
Progress is so slow, despite weather forcasters telling us the trades are here, they are not !!
We have had a number of problems, had to go up the mast at night to untangle halyard, generator packed up in middle of night , which we have now fixed and just last night the fittings at the top of the mast for the genneker failed, whcih means  we can only use our white sails , so even slower progress.!!  praying for a gale  !
No fish and all lures gone !!
We still haveenough provisiosn , just   !  we have decided to plant the potatoes rather then eat them now.  Tony is doing his washing on deck. Charles just gave us our daily treat , 'crushed ice with orange juice, little things bring so much joy !!
No one is enjoying this slow progress, we had planned to be there today, now expect another 8 days.
hope for better news tomorrow