Weds Noon

Hanse 540
Wed 8 Dec 2010 13:03
12.46.16N    44.36.35W
Monday night we reverted to ptting the pink generker up, but the damaged fitting s would cut through the halyard in a few hours, so every 5 hours we dropped the sail , cut of a  metre of rope and started agian, we don thave enough rope to do this for long !!
Tuesday morning we finally got some wind around 15 knts, then 20 then 35knts  !!! so white sails reffed in all night and a rough ride
, but at least we are making 9 knts in the right directrion. Poured with rain last night and got very wet,
Today winds still at 20 -  36 knts so very rough sea to cope with.
950 miles still to go
no fish and have given up  !1
Tony has become top chef and bow man, charles still cretaes the daily surprise, dinner last night was standard rough weather chilli in a tin, great when charging along on the side .
We have set Monday as target to arrive.
keep the emails coming
it s hard to type at this angle !!