Re: Monday 1600

Hanse 540
Mon 13 Dec 2010 16:50
14.15.01N 58.09.89 W

We made good progress Saturday eve and Sunday Morning, then a squall came
over and the wind died, we stopped dead for about 10 hours now moving at 4
knots, other boats near us made up over 50 miles on us/.....
We have no sails for light down wind sailing, smaller boats are passing us
with ease.... Main sail just flaps below 10 knts causing violent shudders
throughout the boat so we don't put it up.

We have started to clean the boat, since we have not much time before
flights , assume we arrive tomorrow with 170 miles still to go at 4 knts, no
certainty. Everyone is pretty fed up, we have hardly no wind since day 1.
once over 20 knts , just once !!
Thought about motoring , but so near it seems a shame to.

hopefully some wind soon

no fish largely because we don't have rod out, going too slow!!