Hoorah exit Las Palmas

Sun 8 Nov 2015 07:18
28:07.51N 15:25.54W

Finally !
I never imagined the amount of preparation and work involved to put this voyage together on a new boat. It has been fun and a valuable learning experience in getting to know the boat; the sometimes interesting and novel 'features' of Roshni.
Of particular note:
Don't trust a UK boat yard to tighten your keel bolts correctly
Don't trust a UK boat yard to fit your bilge pump correctly
Do everything you can yourself or watch people do the work so you can be confident its done well
Whatever your first year budget is for the boat double it
Live the dream and strip down your electric toilet at least twice a week to ensure you can do it blindfold
Better still don't specify an electric toilet at all and get a pump one

Anyway enough of toilets :)

We are all off on our way to Cape Verde today - about 850 nm I expect. Looking forward to getting away as it seems an age ago since leaving Plymouth! I'm expecting pretty good conditions really but we are well prepared for everything.

Special thanks as always to Ali Green for giving up so much time and energy to help me put this together, special thanks to Susan for lending him to me and all at Jimmy for the endless bits and pieces supplied (nice shorts Rebecca)!

Will update with some anecdotal nonsense during the week to bore you all.