25/11 0750 Twas a Dark and Stormy Night

Wed 25 Nov 2015 10:16
16:02.5N 45:26.0W

Blimey can it ever rain ! Well the forecasted squalls (that have been forecasted since we set off) came in with a vengeance late yesterday - got properly soaked a couple of times and saw gusts of 40+kn which takes you back a bit as the squall comes in so quick. Poor Nigel with his glasses couldn't see anything through the rain and made his helming sessions pretty tough - flying by wire or using the force - not sure which...
Naturally we are all knackered after the sewing and mainsail issue so really needed another sleepless night and sleigh ride...looking on the positive side though we are (a) going the right way pretty quickly - lots of long sessions where we don't drop below 10kn; (b) saving on water as the rain water showers have been welcome and necessary by the looks of my feet.
Now got used to they way these mini systems come in though, it helps hugely being in daylight!
Basically keep a look out to the NW and call 'incoming' when it goes really black... A few minutes later you are surfing along at 12kn and hanging on while getting your washing sorted...
Our new friends on El Gato (the cat) a 47'catamaran complete with jacuzzi and ice maker (we call it el gateaux) are doing really well in 2nd place flying big sails so I hope they were ok through the night as well as the rest of the fleet.
Lost one of the nice big steering cushions over the side to Poseidon in the first big squall...we'll be sharing / squabbling over the remaining one ...
The patch is holding up well (fingers crossed).
Otherwise all good - can see some clear sky now through the dark clouds so hopefully will improve.
Singing along to Frank Sinatra yesterday while sewing, managed to come up with a few new words to Strangers in the Night ...
Something in your eyes was so inviting,
Something in your thighs was more exciting .. Susan curtailed this wisely before I went too far :)
Till later