26/11 1115 Sleep

Thu 26 Nov 2015 13:32
15:45.2N 48:29.8W

Hoorah twas NOT a Dark and Stormy night! Couple of heavy black clouds passed either side of us but didn't have to shout "incoming".
Making steady progress on a direct line to St Lucia pretty much with wind coming more ESE To E but having said that we will play with the rig and sails and it'll then change anyway according to law of sod.
Took it very steady overnight reefed down anyway so we could all get some shut eye... Seems to have worked and although we didn't seem to make up ground on any of the leaders feel much fresher.
In other news; Nigel's issue is now also mine but I'm hanging on without imodium for the moment. We have all had showers and I even had a shave so will make a load more water today now the sun powers it through the panels.
No more Frank alternative arrangements so far today...I might try out some of the more less well known Ian Drury tracks I have on Susan to see what she makes of "You're more than Fair":)

Thought about getting the kite out today but we are running so well dead on course with the pole it seems a waste of energy to go a bit faster in the wrong direction... Besides since we minced the snuffer I'd have to recover the beast through the forehatch onto Susan and Ali's bed ... Might need to resort to some bribery or drugs to get the ok for that - especially if we go fishing while getting it down !
More holes in our main than I care to think about ... Rob / Joe could you ask Mark how much it is to ship those big Dacron sails to St Lucia ? Don't try lifting the main on your own:) Ill see about getting some battens locally when we get there as I think I left the old ones in Hamble and I hate to think of the cost of sending those long ones....
Taking it easier