26/11 2140 Moonlicht nicht

Thu 26 Nov 2015 23:58
15:14.2N 49:39.8W

Evening all
Not much going on really quite benign conditions. Wind E 15-20kn so as expected we gybed and are now being pushed a bit S of our rhum line (and boy will it be rum time when we get there). Sticking with it tonight though on the basis that if we do turn the wind will do the sods law thing again.
Might get the kite out tomorrow as the wind is more steady and no squalls today either. Drugs are ready for the use of the forward cabin ...:)
In other news:
Ali feeling very smug about his sextant reading only being 2.5nm out - I did point out that might not be too helpful if we were near a reef and we could easily miss St Lucia...
Both Nigel and Susan also took sights today and the GPS position just in case they were wrong but don't want to tell anyone back home when they explain their astro navigation prowess.
I'm being a bit humbug on this clever stuff on the basis that we have something like 6 gps devices on board, 2 epirbs etc etc and trying to explain to the coastguard we might be a couple of miles out these days could be embarrassing.
Ali reckons its the copious amount of sweet chilli sauce that is causing the imodium issue ... He's been sailing with me now for 3 months or more and his movements are more than regular chilli sauce or not...
Susan has a book on competent crew which surprisingly enough Nigel is actually able to sign off an RYA qualification on! It appears though that there 8 knots you must know to gain competent crew ... I'm stuffed past a bowline (which I'm told I tie funny anyway) and a clove hitch so that makes me incompetent or in the case of the imodium issue incontinent.
Last of the fresh food went today...hoorah I'm glad to see the back of those Cape Verde vegs...

Lastly, as I have to go and helm again now, I recon we have loads of weed round our keel and port rudder, she feels heavy and slow, or could it just be me....

Till later