11.11 0835

Wed 11 Nov 2015 08:45
21:05.6N 20:55.9W

Morning campers

Eventful evening and night with the wind doing a good wobble between N NE and E playing havoc with our downwind set up using the fancy new carbon jib stick.

Had to take it down at 0200 involving a wet wobbly foredeck adventure with Ali while removing suicidal flying fish from the stb side deck. We are still learning with this bit of kit so it was a good plan to do it in the dark while being thrown around :). Anyway aside a very wet bum from sitting on the foredeck said pole was removed and stowed safely and we were able to go back to a bouncy reach albeit in slightly the wrong direction :(.

Sleep beckons as helmed a lot last night - Daisy struggled with the seas which built to c 3m choppy swells. Susan was on duty with me last night and did very well helming for a half hour - and made me copious teas.

Hope all good out there :) We seem to be doing ok.

Useless tip of the day : Don't let your peppers get bashed by potatoes swinging around in the nets.

Top speed of the day 15.4kn