28/11 0105 Wind

Sat 28 Nov 2015 04:25
Quite a relaxed evening and night so far. As we get closer to the destination I am more relaxed about fuel consumption and we can run Dave and Daisy (engine and autopilot - why ?!) more and have a few hours each day off from helming. To be honest Daisy is much better at helming in light breeze (light and sh..e) but gets knocked about when 'fresh to frightening'.
Sea state has eased to <2m swells at the mo with the odd rouge one which kicks PGs bum out causing a nice? flog of the sails and rig.
Less than 500nm to go now and starting to salivate over thoughts of a cold beer. Susan has the ice bucket all ready (we'll have to rob El Gato of some) for some fizz (that we'll also have to rob).
The crossing has been a great experience especially for my system having had nearly 2 full weeks without a drop of alcohol :(.
In other news:
I read a few pages of a book before snooze before watch tonight- amazing.
My spag bol made with soya mince was remarkably good considering it looked a bit like porridge oats in tomato sauce.
I have an opening to Strangers in the Night =

Strangers in the Night
They met on Tinder
Swiping left or right ...

Could someone email me the lyrics so I can murder them secretly without certain crew noticing :).

Otherwise still a way to go but magical out here with clear skies ....