Luxor, Egypt to Muscat, Oman

Around the World 2007
Norm & Lec
Fri 21 Sep 2007 18:04
We arrived in Muscat, Oman this evening.  This was our longest flight to date; 1450nm and 8hr55min flight time.
The route was interesting.  Luxor, Eqypt across the Red Sea, right across Saudi Arabia, over Bahrain, Dubai and down to Oman.  We took off from Luxor at 8am and arrived after dark at Seeb International in Muscat. 
We just finished a quick dinner and it is off to bed. 
Sorry that we have fallen behind in updating our Log Book.  We have several stories and pictures ready to post but we have had not suitable internet connection since Germany.  We should be able to catch up most of our site entries over the next few days here in Oman.