Reykjavik to Wick, Scotland

Around the World 2007
Norm & Lec
Sat 18 Aug 2007 15:00
Two days visiting Iceland was nice (extremely expensive however) and now time to move on to Scotland.  
We made arrangements with Andrew Bruce, Far North Aviation, to clear us into Wick Airport in the north of Scotland.   The flight was 650 nm taking 3hr 40 minutes.   Weather was not good on arrival but Wick has a VOR/DME approach which lined up perfectly with our inbound heading of 130 degrees.  Landing runway 13.....
Not only did Andrew take care of our arrival, he booked a nice hotel and drove us the 20 miles from the airport to get settled.   It also seems that he can do about anything, mechanically, on airplanes.  If you are travelling to this area I think Wick is your best choice of arrival airports.  Email Andrew at andrew {CHANGE TO AT} farnorthaviation {DOT} co {DOT} uk or call him at 44 (0) 1 955 602 201
Not sure where or when we will go after Wick - will keep you posted.......