Somerset, New Jersey

Around the World 2007
Norm & Lec
Tue 17 Jul 2007 12:22
The trip from Toronto, Buttonville to Somerset, New Jersey required one stop in Rochester, New York for Customs and Immigration clearance.   Procedures are well publicized and easy to follow.   

We arrive in Rochester after a 30 minute flight across Lake Ontario.  Officer Frost from the US Customs and Immigration department was sitting in his car waiting for us at the Customs office.  He pleasantly cleared us into the country with a minimum of fuss and delay.  

Another 1 1/2 hours down to New Jersey saw us arrive in nice weather at the Somerset airport.   The single paved runway is relatively short - 2700'.  I had thought about the approach for several days and the planning paid off.   We approached at minimum speed, little bit lower trajectory and got Nang Fah onto the runway with plenty of room to spare.    I was relieved to feel the plane slowing down with lots of room between us and the trees at the end of the runway.

Our good friends, and my former boss at American Standard, Alec and his wife Heather met us.  We spent the rest of the day at their home and had a great time catching up on many years of activity; I had not seen Alec in about 7 years!

Wednesday it will be off to Halifax and Debert, Nova Scotia