Sun 9 Dec 2007 12:40
Position 1200 UTC
15 04N
58 30W

We had a cracking sail yesterday afternoon and last night. Unfortunately the #2 AP spinnaker expired at 0405 this morning. RIP. A glorious finish, splitting across the head and down the luff, we managed to retrieve the remains for landside burial. The sail joined the boat's inventory in 2002 and has been extremely popular with a great quality of versatility. Used during numerous Cowes Weeks, deliveries, offshore races and other regattas, 2AP has been a favourite weapon of choice. Rob Larke at McWilliams will have a job to create a worthy successor.

We are in nail biting territory. Virtually all of last night we have been expecting the wind to veer, forcing us to gybe. Instead we have resolutely pointed toward St Lucia with a NW breeze of 10-12 knots. We figured we were on the north west side of the trough and any boats to the south of us (such as Leeway) were going to have a torrid time in 5-6 knots of breeze. Looking at the wind satellite picture this morning, that is exactly what is happening and we are getting a lucky break. So far. The calm patch will catch up with us and we need to deal with it well. Minnie goes really well in light airs so we are optimistic. But no matter how good the omen,s the performance has to be delivered and there are many snakes ahead to negate the effect of the current ladder. All being well, we should arrive tomorrow for breakfast. Steak, egg and chips and a glass of red wine! 150nm to go!

This is our last diary and you should meet the crew:
Olly - trimmer, occassional helm - at 17 the youngest member. Always willing to pitch in. Can not understand how a 4 hour watch can go past so quickly yet a 40 minute lesson drags on and on.
Jo - trimmer - our only female on board. Takes a few minutes to get to her normal cheery state after coming on watch.
Henry - mainsheet, helm - together with the previous two a supporter of KFC (which is not a football club). The only person on the boat able to carry a conversation for an entire watch.
Andy - foredeck, trimmer - amazing energy, always ready to do the wet work at the bow.
Chris - trimmer - the sage of the boat with a great facility for one line quips.
Martin - watchleader, helm - solid as a rock. Tends to boast about his 4 broaches to the skipper's 8 - soon to be renamed 'lowenslow'
Anthony - skipper, scribe.