Sun 2 Dec 2007 16:14
Position 1600 UTC
21 15N
40 34W

Completely overcast today. Hazy sunshine just begining to appear.

After a spanking 24 hours with the spinnaker (which was a bit hairy in the moonless night) we ran into a bunch of squalls this morning. After trying to cope with our #5 spinnaker (the chicken chute) we found we had to run off so far we were heading back to New York during the squall. Now we have the trusty jibtop up, beam reaching with SE F4. The squalls appear to be done for the time being.

Down below has officially been designated 'the sauna'. We are waiting (hoping?) for Mrs Whiplash to appear with birch twigs.

For some reason our position reporting has not made its way into the ARC system during the last few days. I hope it has today.

Our treats today were biltong, licorice allsorts and blackcurrant energy drink. When we were making the drink one of the bottles had a seal at the top. We knew it was a seal because it was balancing a red ball on its nose!