Thu 6 Dec 2007 19:12
Position 1900 UTC
16 23N
49 16W

The last 24 hours have been wonderful trade wind conditions. Our sail plan has been unchanged from yesterday apart from a brief period when we dropped the spinnaker to inspect for chaffe on the halliard. There was so the spinnaker was rehoister on our red halliard. The green halliard has been repaired and is ready to go. The green halliard exits the mast higher than the red one so there is a very slight wind strength advantage to using the green.

Last night we had a little 'moment' when a cloud passed overhed bringing more wind and a 15 degree veer/header but apart from that the night was uneventful. We almost had a flying fish on the deck but it hit one of the crew on his back aand fell back into the water.

We gybed this morning and are heading almost for St Lucia. The wind will back ENE and then veer ESE over the next few days so if we do not have to gybe again that will be a 800nm layline call!

Probably a little more than three days to go so we should arrive Sunday night. Talk of food has become a major topic. One contingent of the crew is partial to a visit to KFC. Another fancies steak, egg and chips with a glass of red wine for breakfast.

The treat today is a cup of tea - our first during the trip!