Fri 7 Dec 2007 12:09
Position 1130 UTC
16 10N
51 48W

Another lovely day. ENE F4 winds and we are heading a few degrees low of our
direct course to St Lucia. 452nm to go, about 2.5 days so it looks as though
we will arrive just after dusk local time. Our closest competition is
Leeway, a X-50 we have not come across before. We give them 18 points so
need to be ahead of them by about nine hours to beat them. That is about
70-90nm. We have had a good 24 hours so will see our prospects when we get
the daily positions. If we have moved ahead by 30nm in the last 24 hours the
omens are promising but I fear it is a bit of an ask.

We had a big squall during the night with a lot of wind and another just
after sunrise with no wind. After our experience with the first one we
dropped the spinnaker for the second, which proved unnecessary, but it was
back up again after a few minutes.

A flying fish was found loitering on the foredack this morning but we had no
other wildlife experiences.