Mon 26 Nov 2007 12:48
26 09N
18 25W

Today is glorious. Light blue sky with a few scattered cumulus, deep blue sea with whitecaps. We have good breeze NE F6 and we are trucking at 10 knots - 12 -13 when we pick up the waves which is every minute or so - on a heading of about 255 deg. Our sailplan is jobtop headsail and full main and our true wind angle is 140 deg. We are trying to sail fast whilst keeping as much north in our track as possible because it looks as though this will put us in better winds in 24-48 hours.

This morning Murka crossed behind us on a more southerly course with her spinnaker up. We stayed abreast of each other until she disappeared over the horizon to the south. That was good news for us. We know Murka from the Hamble - she is a well sailed Swan 45. She is meant to be much faster than us and, on handicap, has to be about 9 hours ahead of us at the finish to beat us. Naturally we would much rather be ahead of her on the water!

Last night we had three visits from porpoises but could not identify the species.

Yesterday was really windy after the start and when the call came to change down from the spinnaker to the jibtop it was a touch late - we broached just after that before the spinnaker was down. Fortunately to damage to crew or equipment. Aliitle after that a sqall came in with 37 knots and we got 17 knots boatspeed - awesome.

At the moment life is very wet with a lot of spray coming over the boat so we are all wearing oilskins. Some of our toilet rolls have got wet down below which may cause a problem later.

Other than that, all is good. We are settled into the watch system which gives 8 hours sleep after 20 hours (4 on, 4 off) and the boil in the bag food has been well received. Our treat yeterday was dry wors sausage. yum yum.