Thu 29 Nov 2007 09:54
Position 0930 UTC
26 26N
29 45W

Another gorgeous day. We were caught by a squall yesterday afternoon which gave us a little 'moment' - we should have been looking out for it! At nightfall we decided to drop the spinnaker as it was so dark before the moon came up. It was tempting to chase hard after Murka but too risky. The jibtop stayed up through the night giving us about 10 knots. Now we have the spinnaker back up and we are making 10-12 knots in a better direction.

Breakfast is just about to go on - beans and bacon boil in the bag chased down by orange juice. Tastes good (when there is no alternative!) and we eat straight out of the bag to avoid washing up.

The wind instruments are still being painful. Yesterday we discovered we still had apparent wind direction but even that gave up the ghost in the evening. B&G instruments go lower and lower in my estimation.

Today's treat is not yet decided - everone waits with eager anticipation!