Bevs boobs

Nic Tolhurst
Sun 3 Jan 2010 18:47

17:07.4N 056:23.6W


Well things are looking much rosier than the last blog.

We have managed to pick up a band of wind pushing us fast and in the right direction, the strange thing is it does not show up on the weather charts, it seems Bevs threat to show her boobs to the wind god if he didn’t buck up his ideas might have been heeded. So everybody say hooray for Bevs boobs.


What has shown up is never ending banks of rain clouds giving us a good soaking but luckily not too much extra wind, but they have played havoc with the sunbathing regime.

308.9 miles to go so thoughts are now turning towards arrival times and more importantly which bars and restaurants to go to first. We should be in sometime daylight hours on the 5th so just 2 sleeps to go (not sure when this became appropriate maritime measurement of time).


Found 2 washers on the deck yesterday which we are not sure what they are for, hopefully nothing important like the communications- if you don’t get this mail do please let us know.


Bye for now


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