Nic Tolhurst
Thu 24 Dec 2009 08:50

15:26.4N 024:00.8W


Sorry for missing our update yesterday, we were busy watching a movie after Sarah’s delicious chicken stew with a pastry lid. It was the second great bit of food of the day as earlier we christened the new barby by grilling our fresh caught Dorado with a chilli and garlic butter. Awesome!.

A few more whales came near the boat probably pilot whales as they were pretty small but not much action on the fishing front.

It’s still damned hot and we are under engine again until the wind picks up but sunrise passing through the Cape Verde islands is a great sight.

It’s a bit of a special day as this position marks our westerly turning point (i am sure some of you have noticed our circuitous route) so it should be a beeline for Antigua from here.


During the night Deano noticed a disturbing high pitched bleep and i spent some time checking the auto pilot high pressure release valves but during my wash down of the cockpit i found a cockroach where the sound was emanating from and think that could be the culprit.

Anyone know if they make a noise???


More to come later



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