Merry Christmas

Nic Tolhurst
Fri 25 Dec 2009 20:24

A Fantastic day at sea today, great weather and 13 knots across the beam so we were going fast and holding steady for Sarah to knock up our Turkey with all the trimmings including home made bread sauce (even the bread was homemade!). Sarah’s says she has become a bit sad as she has fallen in love with an oven.


We started off with bacon and sausages for breakfast followed by champagne and pressies. Thanks to all who gave it made a real difference to everyone although Nic and Sarah had a few more than Tim, Bev and Dean.


Nic caught another huge marlin but this time the fish got away  and took the tackle with it so he has now decided to use a slightly smaller lure as it is marlin 3 nic 0.

Due to our movement west we had to go back an hour today so we are now UT-1 so we had our lunch at 3pm boat time and it was well worth the wait. What Sarah managed in the galley was amazing and we couldn’t have wanted for more (except maybe parmesan parsnips i love those) we even had crackers with hats.

3 more big whales today possibly Minke, no dolphins for ages- where are they?


Thats all for now



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