Day of disasters

Nic Tolhurst
Tue 15 Dec 2009 16:16

We had a major upset last night..... the Quokker permanent boiling water tap broke!! We had to revert to something called a kettle and it’s a real pain the transom.

The other thing that broke was the watermaker, i forgot to open the tank valve and so the whole system pressured up with nowhere to go until it burst a hose pipe and fired water around the inside of the boat.

We are now bashing into a rough sea against the wind with 165 miles to go, this means we should be in early afternoon with time to fuel up, clean up and then go out for tapas and a lemonade or two.

Oh and i forgot – we saw 2 whales (sperm?)not too far from the boat bobbing on the surface and venting out their blow holes.


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