A whale of a day.....

Nic Tolhurst
Tue 22 Dec 2009 20:07

18:54.9N 020:16.5W


It’s been an eventful day on the good ship Magrathea with plenty of sea life coming to say hello.


Nic caught a Marlin this morning and Tim reeled in a Dorado this afternoon which was duly dispatched and is on the menu for lunch tomorrow.


Twice today we have spotted whales....big whales with round heads – see pics below....we set a challenge to anyone bored on land who would like to play David Attenborough and let us know what species they are!


We also woke up an enormous turtle who popped its extremely large head up as we motored by looking thoroughly annoyed at being woken up (Nic thought it was a shaved dog....must keep him off the beer!)


The weather has finally decided to play Sarah’s game with clear blue skies and glorious sunshine so we have broken out the bikinis and the suntan lotion (some of us using this more than others....there is a distinct tinge of rouge to a couple of the crew members this evening!) Unfortunately we have had zero wind all day so are still motoring south to try and find those elusive trades. However, the calm seas have enabled Sarah to break out the bread maker for its first sea trials – worked a treat and we are anticipating fresh baked bread for breakfast tomorrow.



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