30:32.079N 14:26.221W

Tue 28 Sep 2010 08:47
So this is it! One last push on to GC, but by this time tomorrow I should be up to my neck in immigration paperwork and spanish red tape. I'm sure I'll wish I was back at sea!

We are exactly 150Nm from the port in Las Palmas. A bit cloudy this morning but still pretty warm. Sea is flat and not much wind, but we are using what there is. Finally on port tack now! Seems like we've been on starboard tack since day 3 in Biscay....In fact I think we had,.. so nice to give the other sheets some work to do for a while.

Maybe one more update later this afternoon. Been very strange writing this every day and not knowing if anyone is ever reading it (apart from you lou x). It's been one sided to say the least;-) However, I have enjoyed it and it has built in an element of sanity for me and made me feel like I was having a little chat with the real world.

Thanks for following our progress and I don't want to hex us but who can't be impressed by the average speed of this boat! We are going to have done around 1800Nm in 8.5 days. Thats pretty quick! not by driving your car standards but pretty quick none the less.

Until this avo when we will be down into double figures lDTGl!!!.... (Distance To Go)