18:46.89N 27:39.68W

Sat 27 Nov 2010 13:35
The times they are a changin'!!

No, seriously, we changed our clocks, watches phones back today! On my watch obviously, but thats ok, because we also have 8 knots of wiiiiinnnnnd!!!!

So here we are, 8knts 58 deg off the starboard bow and we are flying our gennaker with our staysail! Not your obvious combo I grant you, but we are making a steady 8 knots of boat speed so we're sticking with it.

The boat looks like there's been a triathlete massacre today! Bodies strewn around the deck in various different positions, most of them drooling a little bit. Crew getting tanned by the sun and cooled by the breeze. This is more like it! The wind is in completely the wrong direction but we no longer care. At least we have some! And it may go again later today, but again we dont care..... We are very much living in the moment and at 12:14:38 (in some time zone!) on the 27 Novemeber 2010, THIS, is a good moment.

Yesterday we saw a 4m shark, hundreds and hundreds of flying fish (to be honest, if I was a fish living down with that angry looking shark, I'd flap my fins and call them wings too!)... in fact I have a theory about flying fish, all fish are flying fish, they just need the right motivation to "GET OUT OF THE WATER!!!

Oooh, and we caught a fish.... a BIG one! around 17:30:00 yesterday the line on the rod started paying out at speed and we knew immediately, through sheer relentlessness and a complete lack of skill or knowledge, we had hooked a biggy! The line spun and spun as 3 of us all ran for the same rod. It was hard to get hold of! I prodded at the handle, while mark prodded the reel and Jeremy grabbed the line....briefly! The rod was bending severely and trying to make a break for the ocean with Titus (I named him), there was almost not enough time to tighten the clutch to stop all of the line paying out.....I should rephrase, there was not enough time:-( We all blamed the man in the fishing shop for not attaching the fishing line to the rod, but I fear, in all honesty what cost us Titus the Tuna was a lack of belief that would would catch anything....ever, a complete lack of thought as to what to do if we did, and a childlike reaction to the line fizzing off the reel as three grown men hopped up and down giggling like three year olds inanely prodding a fishing rod that just needed someone to pick it up....

So by 17:30:17 secs, Titus was gone. As was 500m of line, a lure that would have scared the shark away, and a little bit of our masculinity and pride!

Still, down but not beaten, we recast and we sit here waiting for that exciting sound again so we can hopefully catch Titus's big brother and try to keep hold of him for more than 17 seconds.

While I'm on this topic, there are a lot of dolphins about. What do they taste like? Is it ok to catch and eat flipper? I mean after all they would be tuna friendly dolphin, caught with a hook!

Okeydokey, I'm at that time in the blog where we do a short personal:

KY, Adam says hi and he's missing you. Wants you to know that we'll be there soon (I think Dec 5th) and he will call you as soon as he can xxxxx

Right, I'm off to catch me a shark. I hear they taste like pork. Mmmmm Pork!!!

Lots of love to all

C & C of LBB