14:22.67N 60:12.59W

Wed 8 Dec 2010 15:56
Happy birthday to meee,
Happy brithday to meee,
Happy birthday dear meee,
Happy birthday to mee!

Right now thats out of the way I'll bring you up so speed with the last 24 hours.

The wind has sadly tailed off and we are now making around 7-8 knots instead of 10-12, but we are within 50Nm of St Lucia so we should be there by tonight! YEY!!!!
Seen some more dolphins (yawn;-) and we are now just counting the miles (slowly) home! Its always the same on these long crossings. The crew break out of their watch system way to early and start to stare longingly at the horizon looking for a glimpse of land! That started at 6am AND NOW AT 12:30, still now land to be seen, but still they lay there on the sunpads, their necks strained to look at the horizon. its a great sight!

Last night we had Sukiaki beef with chilli cinnamon breads. First time I've tried it and it all worked pretty well. So, happy with that....and then as a treat, we all had tinned fruit with ginger infused greek yoghurt. MMmmmmm!

One thing I'm really looking forward to is being cooked for tonight as we are planning to go out for dinner. I do love cooking, but meals for 7 for 17 days.... that itch has been scratched for a couple of weeks now...thanks!!

Ha ha ha! the guys just presented me with an awesome home made birthday card/poster! I have to get it framed! Thats going in the book too!!!! Thanks guys! Truly touched!

Nothing more to report really! Unless you here otherwise, trust in the fact we have arrived safe and sound.

For the final time. . . Until next time..

Love to all from all aboard

The Captain and crew crew of Lady Boubou!

The ARC 2010

To those of you who followed us, Enjoyed our joys and woes,
Watch us falter at the start, We were dead last... by a nose.

We began our charge with such High hopes and tore through half the fleet,
We felt like kings of the Atlantic Ocean, the whole world at our feet.

But then the wind deserted us and left us sat for dead,
So the cry went out, "I have a plan, lets head up north instead!"

We smashed through seas as steep as cliffs as high as rolling hills,
And just to turn the trip north worse, Andy took some seasick pills.

So south we ran to save our crew and repair our poorly yacht,
They swam with sharks, out came my gun and poor Tommy Tuna got shot.

Then forecasts told of a mythical beast, the trades were due to come,
So bye to all, as come they did... If you need us... in the bar... drinking rum!