23:32.77N 18:12.916W

Tue 23 Nov 2010 12:35
Two days down....Crikey only 48 hours, but it feels like much longer!

Everyone still getting used to watches and sleeping when not tired (apart from Adam and Mark who got the easiest watches in the world!) but everyone doing well.

A first for me, someone (who shall remain nameless) took some sea sickness pills for prevention yesterday while they still felt absolutely fine. 2 hours later, they couldn't stop throwing up and ceased to function as a homo sapien! Shame really, but we learned he doesn't react well to sea sickness tablet. He is however A1 again now, so nice to have you back with us Andy....Oops! ;-)

OK what else? Yesterday was a bit useless for breeze during the day and I fear we may have lost ground to our fellow sailors around us. The wind then increased last night and has stayed constant and we are now taking chunks out of the DTG. On another plus side we all saw a group of whales (Mummy with baby.... aaawwww) and a small school of dolphins. Sothat was a big pick me up for us all, and the air rifles, gladly stayed holstered.....!

However, we now have a dove on board.... Yep a dove, like a bleached pigeon.... Aaawwww again? We no, because its pooing everywhere! I found it sat on the char table this morning (pooing) and we have chased it around the boat trying to shoe it away. It is just to exhausted and refuses to go. Jeremy approached him and said "Hello mate" and then attacked him with the spinnaker sheet.... Even this didn't scare the poor fella away, so after a long chat as to who was going to break its neck or put a bullet in it, we all stared at it and realised we are not man enough.,,, Well the one guy that is (Mark) got a pearl dove as a good luck present for the trip, so he doesn't want to be hexed! (thanks michelle!-)

Sooooo, instead, we are now feeding our new pet, hoping that one day he'll be fit and strong enough to set out on his own and find a new boat to poo all over.... Either that or we'll have a pigeon the size of a trukey on board when we arrive in St Lucia.

Thats all for now ye land lubbers!

Lots of love from all to all

Team LBB