17:10.73N 32:11.27W

Mon 29 Nov 2010 13:43
Hello everyone!

So if you're tracking us online you're probably wondering where on earth we are heading!! We have taken an aggressive turn south as some of the crew decided they didn't want to play with Mr low Pressure anymore. In fairness it was pretty rough beating into 5m sell and waves. Unfortunately however, I fear we may have traded the comfort of the crew for our progress in the Arc. Expect to see us slip down the leader board from lunchtime today. Rest assured I will do everything I can to claw some places back before we arrive, but the damage over the next couple of days will be hard to repair. Those of you who know me know that this won't bother me one iota, and I am not in it to compete, just to complete :-) !!!!!

Anyway, let me bring you up to date. Our resident MGM lion was roaring over the port aft quarter again yesterday, but in all credit to the guy we won't name, he stuck with it and completed all his watches with a smile on his face. Nice one Andy... Oops!

Also Bruce had a bad one yesterday, just got over his cold, to be hammered with a day of seasickness. Again, however his is loving every minute of it again today and smiles all round.

So at 17:00 yesterday, the guys experienced their first squall. She was a goody too. 50 knots of breeze across the deck and rain so thick that you could barely see your hand in front of your face. One thing I did see however as I fought to drop the main traveller and ease the stay sheet was 6 guys sat behind me, sheltering under the fly bridge canopy, peering out at me from inside their sealed up foulies. As I looked back at them I noticed a look in their eyes that was full of sheer bemusement as the wondered "what is that idiot doing dashing about in the rain...again?"... I explained afterwards and next squall that hits....well I'm pretty sure actually it will follow the same sort of pattern.

Everyone is quite tired today, myself included. Not much sleep in the last 24 hours but thats ok, before we know it, we'll be back in zero breeze and then they can all complain about that too;-) I'm only kidding, they're all doing great and it is reallly a case of in at the deep end!

Today, we have replaced a 165 amp fuse for the furlers, fixed a generator charging issue and repaired our broken outhaul (for the second trip in a row!) So its been a busy busy morning. Just eating a mystery meat sandwich (bough in Gran Canaria, I think its rat meat) and plodding away south at 10 knots towards warmer climbs and more fair winds.

One last note, the guys saw dolphins again today, which they got very excited about but as I did with them earlier, I want to share something with you now.

People say that dolphins are caring, good luck, mermaids of the sea watching over us etc etc etc..... They always arrive when your in trouble and are there to lift your spirits with their singing and let you know you're not alone..... BOLLOCKS!

Watch carefully next time when dolphins arrive and do it with a clear head not clouded by the excitement of these giant sea slugs showing off!
They arrive just before something bad happens, and then as the proverbial hits the fan, listen to what noises the little blighters are making ..... eeee i eee i eee, haa haa haa haa ha...They're laughing their pants of at you and they're saying,"These land dwelling mammals, not content with their high rise buildings and cars, want to try to be like us! Have you seen them try to swim? Rubbish!"

In summary, dolphins are a hex and once their voodoo curse takes hold and snaps another outhaul, they swim around your incapacitated yacht looking you right in the eye, laughing at you!

Right, off to open a tin of net trawled caught tuna! That'll show em!

Lots of love to all from all

Team LBB (running at 75%)