15:12.88N 33:53.43W

Tue 30 Nov 2010 15:18
After our adventure north into the strong winds and big sea's came the call from the crew to "get us the f**k out of this!" We had just been hit by a squall carrying enough water to rehydrate the sahara and 45-55 knots of wind across the deck!
So I have and we did. After a peaceful night of sailing south to windward with about 8 knots of breeze I went to bed knowing that all the excitement was over for a while and slept like a baby! I knew the crew would be happy too to be back down south in the relative tranquility which are these none existent trade winds..........

Or so I thought, but the first thing that was said to me when I got up on deck this morning for my watch was,"There's no wind, this is shit!" Ah! I see. I think I've figured is out. So, God, if you're listening I would like to place my order for some weather please.

Dear Sir (is it sir, lord, god??? who knows, I'm sticking with sir, its respectful!)

I would like

F4-5 SSE or NNE
Flat calm seas
Beautiful sunshine
1 shower every morning at 09:00 to wash the boat for us
1 hail storm of shammys at 09:15 to dry the boat..... and if you have them
1 Brief squall of micro fibres at 09:20

Also, unrelated to the weather, but while I have your attention (I figure I'd better get my order in for the lot now as I know your a busy chap), could we please have:

At least 2 dolphins per hour...and preferably some trained ones this time who bring their own balls and hoops.
A few huge whales per day (who know to stay of to our beams so we dont donk them on their big old heads)... In fact, is it too much to ask for a couple of Orcas who could then form some sort of a display team with the dolphins. I know they can do it, I've seen them at sea world. I just think these ones that you see in the sea are a little bit complacent and lazy. Its all very good having all these beautiful creatures in the wild, but they are far more fun when they know some fancy tricks!
We would also like 1 Tuna... Thats all, just 1. We are still trying to catch one, but God, please when we do, can you make sure it fillets itself in the water cos I don't want to clear up the mess.
Erm thats it!! Oh no, if you wanted to throw in a plague of something, please let it be a variety of McDonalds sandwiches.

Thankyou for your help in this matter and I hope you take on these improvements in moving forward to create a better world.

Kind regards



OK guys, all of you reading this blog, I'm looking for your support on this, so if you could all sign my spiritual petition by having a little pray for us later it would be greatly appreciate it. I just think it might add some weight to the request if we all ask.

Apart from that, all is well. Washed the boat today which all were involved in. Nice to be a salt free zone for a while.

No personals from the crew today (most are asleep) so I'm gonna take my chance to say a big hello and send my love to my family and friends, a big hug and a kiss to my gorgeous fiance Lou... Mmmwaaaahhh! and a special hi to Bella and Chloe who I'm not gonna see this christmas, but I'll be thinking of you and missing you both. xxxxx

OK, thats November done. I get to break out my advent calendar tomorrow (thanks Liz x) and it should be all downhill sailing from here.

Love to all from all aboard

Captain & Crew of Lady Boubou