15:56S, 173:46W

Richard and Rachel Caswell
Wed 23 Sep 2009 09:01
Niuatoputapu. Population 1010 people, with 54 people living on the nearby small volcanic island too.
In a lovely flat anchorage with yachts coming and going everyday. Very friendly locals, who have given us a $10 Pa' anga dinner on Friday night of spit roast piglets, with umu-cooked taro, breadfruit and cassava, and a mango and coconut drink to wash it all down with - which would be extra nice with rum in it ! Then on Saturday night we were invited to the Catholic church's kindergarten fundraiser, which provided us with a good selection of local dishes accompanied by the young ones dancing. After that we went to the local hall to watch the All Blacks beat Australia for the Bledisloe Cup. Very vocal and fun. Then Sunday was a lunch on the nearby Motu consisting of tuna wrapped in taro leaves with coconut milk and then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed, along with the usual umu baked provisions. They haven't had a supply ship in here since July so no rice and not much flour on the island. The baker isn't open until more flour arrives.
Looking at moving on this weekend down to the Vavau group, where we'll organise ourselves to leave for our last off shore trip to NZ ! The year's gone so fast, can't believe it's nearly over!!!!